SAP Prototyping

The choice for SAP software is an important strategic decision for any company. It has a huge impact on your operational excellence, it impacts your internal working-procedures and it often means a long-term financial commitment.

To help our customers in these decisions we offer prototyping services to enable you to not only see how SAP software can support your processes, but you can actually touch and test the system yourself with your own business cases.

You can test working prototypes based on your own every day business cases, or more complex use cases to be proven.
Use it to experience, convince and learn. Be enabled to set expectations and mitigate risk.
Prototypes can be used to explore the system and to explore architecture variants and to make an educated decision to purchase SAP software.

No Software and Hardware required

There is no need for any hard- and software to be purchased; CargoFit will set up a dedicated prototyping and testing environment.
Your project team can access the environment from their own desk. We will coach the users in the use of the system.

We can deliver working prototypes based on your business cases or we can even coach and support your project team to customize the system by yourself.
You can gain real hands-on experience with the SAP software solution/solutions and test it thoroughly before you make the decision to implement SAP.

For this prototyping service we work closely together with SAP’s Value Prototyping team, located at SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. This way we ensure that you get the best possible advice and support.

Use your prototype as a project accelerator:

When the prototype is completed and proven successful, the good work is not necessarily lost.
We can capture the work we have done on the prototyping systems and copy it to your own systems as a project accelerator. This way we guarantee the work is not lost and you do not have to start from scratch.